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Outbound workshop with Angus McEwan 'Watercolor Plein Air in Bologna'

Все курсы и мастер-классы по выездным мероприятиям

Outbound workshop with Angus McEwan 'Watercolor Plein Air in Bologna'
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Outbound workshop with Angus McEwan
Member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolor and Royal Watercolor society

During workshop with Angus McEwan you will become familiar with numerous basic techniques of watercolor painting: 

  1. Work with wash technique, 
  2. “Wet over wet” technique, 
  3. Technique of paint application over pencil drawing with constant renewal of the key drawing lines, 
  4. Layer by layer technique of paint application, 
  5. Principles of perspective transmission in realistic context.
The following issues will be spotlighted in terms of workshop, the key task of which is creating an expressive urban landscape in watercolor:
  • rules of complementary colors and impressionists’ technique, focused on creating effect of image integrity, 
  • imaging methods of architecture parts and their textured surfaces.

Every day of workshop shall start with educational demonstration of the techniques to be mastered. You will be working in plein-air in the ancient Bologna streets and squares: Piazza Maggiore, Palazzo Communale, Palazzo dei Banchi, Torre degli Asinelli - built in 1109-1119 and nowadays giving harbor for local craftsmen shops, reminding about trading traditions in medieval Bologna. This lovely city, image of which was shaped by ancient medieval traditions, will be all at our disposal, including arched galleries, stretched along the historical cite center for over 40 kilometers, the University of Bologna, lots of cathedrals and churches and much more.


None of the Italian cities has earned so many alternative names as Bologna. It has at least three main nicknames: the first one is «The Learned one» (La Dotta) – since the oldest European University of Bologna, attended by Petrarch, Dante and Copernicus, is located here, and is still functioning. And, as you can possible guess, the famous Bologna higher education system originates thence as well.

Мастер-класс по акварели в Италии, Болонья

The second nickname - «The Red one» (La Rossa) – has been granted to Bologna thanks to a vast number of red-roof medieval buildings. Image of medieval Bologna has remained perfectly intact under UNESCO protection and deserves the most detailed sightseeing. While walking around the streets of the Old city, you may feel like climbing to one of its “medieval sky-scrappers” like Torre Prendiparte detta Coronata or fulfilling a sacred duty of each tourist – to conquer one of the Leaning towers, deemed as a city symbol.

And, finally, the third nickname – “The fat one” (La Grassa) – has been given for a definite reason, since Bologna has presented dozens of Italian specialties, like small ravioli “tortellini”, Bolognese sauce and mortadella sausage. Thus, no wonder, that there’re so many restaurants, trattorias and cooking school. Needless to say, that you can’t fully get acquainted with Bologna “The Fat one” without visiting local restaurants. During daytime you may have a bite of ciabatta with mortadella, cheese and olives, and make yourself comfortable in investigating high cuisine in the evening.

We’re offering you to dip into study of this splendid city under the guidance of great water color painter Angus McEwan! Look, paint, study, relax and learn something new each and every day!



Мастер-класс по акварели в Италии, Болонья

Мастер-класс по акварели в Италии, Болонья

Мастер-класс по акварели в Италии, Болонья


Angus McEwan

Художник из Шотландии Ангус Макэван "I want to record them, but I also want to do so with emotion. I want to say something about my subject matter and as such embellish, change, modify, emphasize and sublimate in order to get my message across. 

I seek knowledge and I use my travels to inform my work. It is a pleasure to work in watercolor and I find it extremely biddable. It will do the most unexpected things and it is that, which keeps me interested. I revel in the serendipity that emerges from exploration of subject and medium. I love its calligraphic quality".

Angus McEwan 

In 1983 he went to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee and did a Degree in Fine Art then a Post-Graduate Degree in Fine Art.

Having finished teaching certificate, he travelled to China (Beijing, Xi'an, Yangtze river, Wuhan, Guilin, Yanshuo) for approximately 3 months. During his stay in China, he has created totally 51 pieces of work, which went on display in the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.  

He was then approached to do some part-time lecturing at Dundee College, and currently lectures in Dundee college on the Portfolio course, HNC Contemporary Art Practice, and the Degree in Design and Creativity course as well as life drawing. 


He won the Elizabeth Greenshields Award (Canada) - twice. In 1995 he was awarded the Latimer award at the Royal Scottish Academy, and in the same year he was elected to the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolors (RSW). In 1999 he won an award at the RSW Exhibition RSW Exhibition – The Alexander Graham Munro Award. In 2001 he has again received a prize of Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolors for the painting "Scotlandís Treasures". In 2002 he was awarded “Diana King/Scottish Gallery Prize” at the Royal Scottish Academy, in Glasgow, and he was also elected to be a professional member of “Visual Arts Scotland”. In 2005 he won John Blockley Prize, in Royal Institute of Painters in Water colors, London, and in the same year he was elected an associated member of an International Guild of Realism, the USA. In 2012 he won First prize – “International award “Marche d’ Acqua” Fabriano Watercolor 2012”. Bronze reward – Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial, China 2013.

Within last 20 years, Angus McEwan held 19 one-person exhibitions and a lot of group and mixed exhibitions.

Angus McEwan’s works







Field workshop dates– 4th – 10th of April 2015. 

  • Check in – 4th of April
  • Check out – 10th of April
  • workshop – 5th – 9th of April, 4 hours per day 

Study program

Day 1 - 4 hours

Compositional sketches - demo

Washes, lost and found edges, wet on wet, masking and avoiding, wet on dry the basic language of watercolour. Demonstration and students to explore some of these techniques.

Day 2 - 4 hours

Perspective: discussion and application in a real life context.

Line and tone and the simplification of a viewpoint using watercolour-demonstration/ wash and line.

Students are then to create their own pieces using the ideas presented at the start.

Day 3 - 4 hours

Complimentary contrasts and their use in creating an interesting & exciting visual record of your subject-demonstration.

Impressionist approach. Layering and unifying pictures by using common colours and the Venetian method of painting.

Day 4 - 4 hours

Architectural Detailing,- doors windows, walls, parts of buildings- textures and the their use to describe detail. Textural vocabulary- learn some of the techniques which may be used to describe Architectural details. Demonstration.

Students can try some of the techniques then choose an image to develop using the appropriate methods.

Day5 – 4 hours

Recap of previous work.

Students to explore a subject and method of their choice using some of the techniques explored on the previous days with guidance.

Required supplies

  • water color paper;
  • sketchbook or binding for water color sketches;
  • water colors (in tubes or cuvettes), around 12 water colors at option of the workshop participants, but the following colors are mandatory: Vandyke brown or sepia and Prussian blue – to create black; white gouache may be useful too;
  • masking took for water color;
  • water container;
  • air brush (any cheap sprinkler, which could be screwed to a plastic bottle, for example, the one, you use to water flowers);
  • small sponge;
  • set of paint brushes – at your option, plus old brushes with bristles may be very handy;
  • painting sketch-board and drawing easel (support for sketch-board);
  • pencil, rubber, sharpener.


10 persons.


Price of participant package: 

  • 1100 Euro - to be paid  from 15th of February up to and including 21st of March 2015 

Participant package includes:

  • Participation in workshop, 5 days, 4 hours per day - 610 Euro
  • Hotel accommodation (including breakfast) - 340 Euro

You could pay only for Participation in workshop if you would like another hotel.

To be paid additionally:

  • medical insurance
  • visa
  • flight tickets


4 stars Hotel Zanhotel Tre Vecchi, double room with single beds. Breakfast “open buffet” free of charge. Hotel is located in the city center.




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Application for Workshop

Fill out and submit the form. If you have any questions on the workshop please call +7 (916) 017-1001, Margarita (Mon-Sun 14-00 - 22-00 Moscow time).

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